she makes[SEASON THREE]

To kick off a new season of She Makes, we’re giving you a peek into what we’re covering in upcoming episodes. Not only are we going to continue conversations on motherhood and creative business ownership, but we’re also going to expand on themes related leadership and representation.


Plus, we have a new questionnaire page where you can share your perspective on all the topics we’re diving into this season 一 we’d love to incorporate your stories!  

Host: Katy Sensenig Schilthuis
Co-Host: Taylor Mitchell


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She Makes, a podcast // @shemakesapodcast

She Makes is a podcast focusing on female makers + creative business owners. We share stories, discuss hot topics in the biz, and educate you on small biz tools, tricks, and life.

Expect chats on essential lessons learned as women in business - and hear incredible stories from women who have paved their own paths. Listen to conversations on complex topics like mental health, imposter syndrome, and self-care. And learn about how to run your own biz: with tips and tricks on topics like marketing + PR, local markets, pricing your products, finding funding, and more.

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