She Makes a [MAMA]

Running any business while balancing home and family is a constant challenge. But what happens when that challenge falls upon the shoulders of -- MOM -- who is the kick-ass business owner and the one person "traditionally" tasked with keeping a home together? Find out how these fantastic makers manage everything and all the stuff day in and day out on this episode of SHE MAKES. 


Mosaic Makers Collective // @mosaicmakersco 

Nicole Hawthorne, NHCO Botanical

Allyson Nickerson, The Calling

She Makes is a podcast focusing on female makers + creative business owners. We share stories, discuss hot topics in the biz, and educate you on small biz tools, tricks, and life.

Expect chats on essential lessons learned as women in business - and hear incredible stories from women who have paved their own paths. Listen to conversations on complex topics like mental health, imposter syndrome, and self-care. And learn about how to run your own biz: with tips and tricks on topics like marketing + PR, local markets, pricing your products, finding funding, and more.

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